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Methods, Tools and Software

Identify, sustain and improve your essential enterprise abilities
We have a vision for the workplace. To help companies realize this vision, we've developed a suite of efficient tools to guide the development of business processes, procedures, training, competency programs and employee communications. These tools include Repertoire™ work methods and SkillForge software.

They also include strategy pieces available through the links to the right and in white papers.

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Tools in action
Throughout this Web site, you will see these tools in action guiding a variety of initiatives. In addition to the links to the right, you may want to look at the following:

> Work analysis--task and skill definition, skill and
   competency repertoire definition and development

> Training curriculum development and training delivery
> Enterprise training redesign
> Testing and skills verification
> Procedures development and management
> Safety program assessment and improvement planning
> Strategic performance initiatives
the future of the enterprise
> Our vision for the
shaping performance
> Behavioral analysis
performance management ERP
> Performance
   Information Systems
enterprise strategies
> Strategic Repertoire
> Strategic Resource
> Skill-based pay and
> Competencies
procedures strategies
> Procedures management
case studies
> Selected cases
thought leadership
> White papers
> Additional resources