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SkillForge™ safety program assessment
The SkillForge Safety Module is a behavioral safety assessment and management software package. The program also can perform other kinds of surveys such as store walk-downs, maintenance surveys, PSM analyses and startup/setup checks.

A simpler way to manage safety improvement
SkillForge Safety Module was designed to simplify the work of detailed safety program evaluation. SkillForge Safety is designed to

  • simplify safety surveys or audits
  • provide more meaningful diagnostic and management information about your safety program
  • help prioritize improvement activities and create budgets
  • reduce the cost of safety program administration
  • communicate much clearer performance expectations for safety programs
  • perform comparable period-to-period comparisons along with new baseline assessments that include added program elements

SkillForge Safety Module allows users to build lists of questions to test the completeness of program oversight and components, program communications and actual performance.

Question entry and weighting screen
The entry screen lets users categorize audit questions and weight them by importance in four areas. Users can also provide screen prompts that will help guide individual performing assessment.

Define and measure safety in terms of observable, measurable behaviors
With Skillforge, users can delineate management expectations as explicit tasks or performance. This allows companies to shape the parameters of safety within their organization and provide concise work plans for safety improvement. SkillForge Safety enables users to

  • Define and categorize all the elements that should be present in a comprehensive safety program (see below).
  • Create questions that test for the presence or absence of all elements, including administrative structure and audits, safety program components, communications, training and compliance.
  • Assign values to the relative importance of each element based on its potential impact on personnel, operations, financial impact and regulatory compliance. · Automatically score site results and report deficiencies and improvement opportunities.
  • Create corrective plans and budgets with a SkillForge Safety utility that prioritizes activities based on item-value weightings.

Improvement planning report
SkillForge lets users enter tasks and budget estimates for improvement planning on any item that is not scored as 100 percent.

SkillForge Safety is designed to test for the presence or the absence of key safety elements and compliances
Skillforge Safety measures actions and results, not activities. This assessment approach provides more meaningful definitions of problems and opportunities. It provides direct diagnostic information managers can use to guide improvement. (See behavioral analysis for more information.)

How SkillForge Safety develops diagnostic questions

Program oversight and infrastructure
If safety is safe actions and safe equipment, the first goal of management is to ensure that these elements are clearly defined in procedures and specifications. Questions that test the adequacy of the safety management structure appraise the current program configuration. Survey questions enable users to evaluate:

  • the adequacy of processes to define equipment safety specifications and include safety specs in engineering and change management
  • how the organization determines the need for procedures
  • the adequacy of current procedures and procedure review processes
  • the existence and quality of management-of-change processes including engineering safety reviews and procedures mandates
  • the planning and review structure of ongoing safety activities · the record-keeping system used to track program components

Communicating safety information
Given adequate oversight and infrastructure, safe operations require that employees have all the information they need to work within the safety program. So it is very important to test how well information is communicated to the employees and how well they are able to apply it. Using SkillForge Safety users can create additional questions to assess safety communications and training:

  • the existence of and performance according to formal and informal communications programs
  • training completions and testing

Even when employees have the necessary knowledge and tools, they sometimes fail to conform to safety procedures because of other factors influencing them. Safety Compliance questions let you assess conformance with safety specifications on the job:

  • observations of employee actions
  • equipment checks
  • facility walk-through checklists
  • housekeeping

Software features
The SkillForge Safety safety assessment software captures, analyzes and reports audit data. The computer-guided questionnaire simplifies surveys:

  • computer-driven audit questionnaire
  • easy-to-interpret, zero-to-one scoring (auto-calculated)
  • summary scoring and individual safety category scoring
  • simple, accurate assessment of the state of your safety program
  • explicit deficiency punch lists and budget allocation planning
  • multi-level results roll ups—automated, multilevel aggregation and analysis · Comes pre-loaded with representative survey questions
  • audit question skeleton provided with program— existing audit questions
  • point-and-click handling of exceptions

Users can rank individual survey/audit items; automatically develop and prioritize lists of deficiencies; identify improvement opportunities; analyze and budget for corrective action; make period-to-period comparisons on same question sets; and appraise performance based on SkillForge Safety evaluations. SkillForge Safety screens make it easy to define all the categories of activity in your program and enter questions you write. Consultation is available to assist you with implementing, enhancing and maintaining SkillForge Safety.

Detailed presentations available
Detailed PowerPoint presentations that describe both the process and data flow for the different modules are available free, on CD from Daniel Follette, Inc. (Their size makes presentation on this Web site impractical).

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