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SkillForge™ Performance Software   

Collect, organize and communicate detailed performance information to reduce O&M costs and improve performance
SkillForge performance management software lets companies unleash the enormous potential of new management techniques such as task-based management, competency programs and procedure-based operations. (See box, below for links.)

These performance management methods use very specific and extensive information — task and skill definitions, procedures, skill testing and training — that until recently, has been difficult to acquire and utilize.

Now, these innovative performance programs can be implemented at lower cost and with much greater effectiveness than most organizations could imagine. The efficiencies come from simplified development, automated management and economies of scale.

    New Management Techniques:
     > Behavioral Analysis

     > Strategic Repertoire

     > Strategic Resource

     > Performance Information

     > Strategic Training
        Curriculum Development

These efficiencies require the support of enterprise performance information software to streamline development, eliminate redundant activities, maintain information currency and communicates through the most efficient means.

> module descriptions. . . details on software capabilities and benefits

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Detailed presentations available
Detailed PowerPoint presentations that describe both the process and data flow for the different modules are available free, on CD from Daniel Follette, Inc. (Their size makes presentation on this Web site impractical).

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