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Skill Development and Competency Verification

Enterprise-scale skill, training and competency programs are the heart of our business. We provide a complete suite of tools for task analysis, skill analysis, training curriculum development and delivery, test development, competency verification and tracking.

An effective way to create performance improvement
Skill development and competency programs can be one of the best ways for companies to upgrade their overall operations performance.

If they do nothing more than provide clear work expectations, these programs have accomplished a great deal. Typical outcomes go well beyond clarifying job responsibilities:

  • greatly improved employee performance and work satisfaction
  • identification of best practices
  • support of mandated safety and quality program
  • skill objectives provide much better direction for training development

Methods and software to speed and simplify implementation
The cost and the effectiveness of skill and competency programs are very strongly influenced by the methods used to develop them.

Efficiency is the first concern. We've seen enormous churn in programs that were not guided by behavioral principles and a focused methodology. To prevent waste, we've developed very efficient, behavior-driven methods to analyze work and extract core skills. We've honed these methods through numerous engagements.

Quality is the second concern. Unless a program is guided by behavioral principles and unless methods and work product meet specific quality requirements, the program can be a waste of time. We've seen it: A number of our engagements have been to rescue programs where a client has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and come up empty handed.

A typical SKILL CERTIFICATION GUIDE page. Click on the image to see a full-size page.

Software to simplify development and management
Without the right software support, data managment, document development and formatting can be an enormous administrative and cost burden. That's why we've developed and honed our SkillForge software suite. Companies considering a skill initiative may want to look closely at this performance tool.

Enabling multi-skilling and skill-based compensation

Skill and competency programs are often initiated to support multi-skilling, teams and skill-based compensation. Organizations undertaking these initiatives may find the entire range of topics listed to the right informative.

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