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Daniel Follette, Inc. has been at the forefront of thought leadership in performance, knowledge management and training. The following links to white papers and Web pages provide some background in the philosophy and technology that directs our work.

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How strategic personnel development can reduce operations costs
Strategic Repertoire Development™
Behavioral Performance Analysis
Strategic Resource Allocation™

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Design Rationale for Skill-Based Pay
Skill-Based Compensation: Creating Effective Programs
SkillForge™ Performance Information System™: Input/Output
Analyzing Performance Problems

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How strategic personnel development can reduce operations costs 186kb
An analysis of how innovative E&P companies invest in personnel development to reduce their costs and secure their hardware and technology investments. Topics include:

  • The real stake in personnel development
  • The feasibility of enterprise-scale programs
  • The value of defining work in terms of behavior
  • The methodology of Strategic Repertoire Development™
  • An enterprise knowledge management model

This paper originally appeared in modified form as part of a three-article series,"Managing Oil Companies" in the Oil & Gas Journal, November 12, 2001.

Strategic Repertoire Development™ 139kb
Strategic Repertoire Development is the core method we use to identify, sustain and improve clients' essential enterprise abilities. This is a new strategy for work analysis and manpower deployment that can:

  • define core business tasks and the skills required to maintain them
  • increase training focus and the manageability of training expenditures
  • quantify the costs of performance failures and perform ROI analyses employee development initiatives
  • increase the probability of success of multi-skilling and skill-based pay programs
  • increase accountability and job satisfaction

An overview of Strategic Repertoire Development and associated tools is also available on this Web site.

Behavioral Performance Analysis 109kb
This paper describes an industry standard for analysis of performance deficiencies. It features a process chart and step-by-step description.

Strategic Resource Allocation™ 115kb
Allocating human resources according to clear and measurable priorities defined by--and supporting--contribution to the organization.

This is a process flow chart and presentation summary points.