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Our Vision of the Workplace

Imagine a workplace where . . .

  • employees have the entire knowledge of the enterprise available to them, easily referenced by task or job responsibility
  • all work is guided by documented best practices and relevant knowledge is provided as needed, in the most convenient form
  • training for each job task is readily available on line, or in print

Imagine too, an organization where . . .

  • the strategic repertoire of core competencies and processes are explicitly documented and shared
  • all responsibilities for a position are described in clear, observable, measurable terms
  • all employees are trained and verified for competency in their job responsibilities
  • ongoing change management processes immediately communicate any modifications to job responsibilities and work processes
  • personnel are assigned to tasks according to the work’s criticality to the enterprise
  • opportunities for both lateral and vertical movement and team participation provide incentives and job satisfaction
  • interactions between customers and employees are successful and pleasurable

If this organization has the characteristics you are trying to develop in yours, you may want to review some of the topics listed to the right.

Information Flow in a Strategic Performance Management Program 
We have developed a model for the information system that can make this vision possible. The following diagram and text provide a brief explanation.

Strategic Repertoire Development™ defines the core competency of a company in terms of explicit tasks and observable, measurable skill descriptions. It collects all relevant information for each job task, and delivers it as it is needed, in the most convenient format. It explicitly defines skills and training requirements for each job category. It helps allocate work to personnel in a way that promotes safety and efficiency. Click on image for larger view.
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