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Case Studies and Representative Engagements
The project summaries below provide some idea of the scope of our larger engagements. The detailed case studies and white papers listed to the right provide more detail about how specific programs produce benefits and the philosophy that guides our work.

International Natural Gas Utility— Fortune 200
Business units involved in international gas processing and distribution; trucking; petrochemical processing

  • Skill-Based Compensation and Training Redesign
  • Behavioral Safety Audit & Assessment Program
  • Safety Incident Statistics Management & Analysis Program
  • Computer-based training program design and installation

Skill Based Pay: Programs covered all hourly employees in company’s eight principal operating units. Defined and published skills and comprehensive training. Designed and implemented communications program, certification and testing processes. Turnkey responsibility for work methods, tools and staffing
Program Size: >$450,000    Program Duration: 11 months

Safety Initiatives: Developed processes, software and training for company-wide safety management systems. Provided support personnel and program analysis.

Program Size: >$150,000    Program Duration: five years

Offshore production arm of multi-national, integrated oil company
Business unit manages all of company’s exploration and production assets in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Skill-Based Compensation Program
  • Training Redesign Program

Provided complete processes software and staffing to define and publish skills for all work. Wrote and published training for all skills. Developed complete communications program for project. Developed software to manage training facility, including, course enrollment, completions, and trainee accommodations.
Program Size: >$2 million    Program Duration: two years

Petrochemical company, $1 billion annual sales
Diversified producer of commodity petrochemicals and plastics building blocks

  • Multi-Skilling Program
  • Training for Redesigned Engineering Process Management Program
  • Laboratory training and methods redesign

Multi-Skilling:Worked from task information and interviews to develop complete procedures training, job aids, and certification. Work covered ~800 individual procedures.

Training: Developed training documents and instructor materials for Lotus-Notes-based engineering management program. Taught course instructors.
Program Size: ~$150,000   Program Duration: six months

case studies (PDFs)
Lube bay program, implementation process and tools for global rollout
Local acceptance was critical to success of this high-profile program for Shell. Working with Acumen Design, company produced comprehensive tools and communications based on behavioral implementation model.

PSM, Training and Procedures
Proprietary tools reduce cost and development time for Process Safety Management training/procedures for Conoco and its Arabian Gulf Affiliate

Performance, Training and Communications
Prerformance analysis, training development and employee communications enable Waste Management to save over $20 million annually

Skill-Based Pay and Training
Proprietary tools create a successful, commercially marketed training and competency program for all of Shell Offshore's Gulf of Mexico production operations

Marketing Strategy and Literature
Modularized literature program and Web-based training drive preferred marketing methods for Randall & Dewey Partners, LP

Competency and Safety Programs
Behavioral safety and competency programs increase reliability and reduce costs during restructuring at Fortune 200™
energy and services firm

Program Roll Out and On-Line Training
Change management and on-line training critical to identity and branding program success for Randall & Dewey partners, LP

Marketing Collateral Suite and Advertising
Consistent marketing materials, advertising and leasing tools help Lewis Partners, Inc. capture a growing share of the suburban Houston mid-rise market

Global Channel Sales Literature Suite Working through Acumen Design, with a team leader in Bogota and content providers around the world, Daniel Follette developed a comprehensive literature suite for all channel sales lines of busines.

Rebranding and Modularized Literature Program Help Drive Preferred Marketing Methods
A new identity program for Randall & Dewey Partners, LP, provided an opportunity to help the CEO implement new collaborative sales techniques and more effective literature program.

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