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Strategic Resource Allocation

Strategic Resource Allocation (SRA) is a technique for deployment of human resources according to clear and measurable priorities defined by, and supporting, the employees' contribution to the organization's mission.

Of course, that's what all downsizing/ rightsizing/ scaling processes claim. Strategic Resource Allocation is different because it bases allocation decisions on a detailed catalog of prioritized work tasks. Other methods look primarily at broad categories of activity.

SRA lets management look inside those categories to see what adds value and what is simply . . . activity
The benefits of Strategic Resource Allocation include:
  · Rightsizing with compassion and clarity about what is required to support core
  · Preservation of revenue stream or service delivery when resizing/scaling
  · A clear map of responsibilities for reallocated or re-deployed employees
  · A clear as-is map for business process reengineering
  · Grass-roots, service-contact insights into business operations
  · Objective performance evaluation criteria
  · A clearer deployment model for scaling up or cloning operations

Staff sizing decisions-Strategic Resource Allocation™
Task descriptions that define a company's core business provide a rational basis for staff sizing decisions, when coupled with information about a task's criticality, value, frequency and time card data.

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