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  Product Updates  

ProTrain™ Procedures integrated into SkillForge
A newly updated version of our procedures authoring and management program has been integrated into SkillForge. The revised program uses a larger screen size to provide more data visibility and functionality.

Safety programs updated to Access 2000/XP

Our safety assessment and audit software has been upgraded to run on Access 2000/XP. The program lets users enter multiple suites of questions to assess the adequacy of safety initiatives at multiple locations. The program provides both individual location and enterprise roll up assessments. An important feature of the program is the ability plan, budget and prioritize program improvements. The program has also been used for other initiatives such as PSM and retail store walk-downs.

Our safety incident tracking and management program has also been updated. It enables users to enter and track individual safety and vehicle incidents and perform incident and frequency rate calculations.

Access 2000/XP Versions of SkillForge Software
New Office 2000/XP releases of SkillForge, our software for work analysis, skills assessment, training development and delivery, are now available and being used by clients overseas and in the United States. For more information, go to the software section of this site or email us.

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