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  Working with behavior to improve the enterprise  

Both marketing and employee performance issues are most effectively addressed with tools that define and shape specific behaviors

This Web site is designed to provide tools you can use to solve performance or marketing problems and discover new opportunities.

If you are an operations, human resources or marketing executive – or work in sales, marketing, communications or training – this Web site is designed to make your work easier; to help you diminish program risk; and to increase and demonstrate the value of your programs.

These tools are grounded in behavioral principles and provide

– clear, uncomplicted explanations of performance problems
– ways to measure the value of proposed solutions
– much greater confidence in the effectiveness of proposed programs
– clarity that reduces debate or program scrutiny and
    builds consensus

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>Typical client objectives and resources grouped by interest areas
>Services overview — a guide to detailed services descriptions
>Behavioral analysis — a guide to the principles and tools
>Performance information systems — enterprise systems to manage performance
>SkillForge™ software for work analysis, competency development, training development and management, procedures and safety management
>White papers — thought leadership
>Case studies and representative engagements
>Development of non-profit organizations
>Performance! Daniel Follette's blog

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