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Skill-Based Pay and Multi-Skilling

Daniel Follette, Inc. provides complete processes for designing, implementing and managing skill-based pay and multi-skilling programs. This page provides an overview and links to other resources on this site.

Potential benefits
Tying compensation to job skill acquisition can improve performance and profitability Benefits reported by companies that have deployed skill-based pay include:

  • Improved team performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater workforce flexibility
  • Reduced compensation costs
  • Increased job satisfaction.

Ninety-four percent of companies in an ACA study reported increased output per hour worked and 98% reported increased employee satisfaction and commitment.

Skill-based pay does not work like magic.
Programs can fail. Do you know exactly how your program will produce the results you envision?

Achieving a return on your program investment hinges on (1) how explicitly you can define measurable objectives of the program and (2) how precisely you can define the exact mechanisms by which your program will produce results.

Proven methods exist to define desired results and how they will be achieved. There are even ways to perform predictive ROI analyses on your proposed program. If you would like to know more go to white papers and download Design Rational for Skill-Based Pay.

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case studies
> A skill-based pay and a multi-skilling program are featured case histories

> Several white papers cover skill-based pay topics

> Managing performance describes some of the analytic processes used in skill-based pay. It also features links to other tools.
> Competencies describe how tofocus on your enterprises core requirements.
> SkillForge™ software has been an enabling technology for skill-based pay