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Human Resources and Training
We work closely with HR and training departments to develop and implement performance improvement programs and employee communications initiatives..

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Efficient development
Many of our tools were developed as we helped human resources and training departments cope with enormous tasks they had been given. These tasks were typically enterprise-scale multi-skilling, competency and training development initiatives. So these tools have been proven in large-scale, high-stakes, high-visibility programs. Even so, they scale well to individual projects or operations at individual locations.

Addressing human resources evolving role
Human resources faces challenges. Increasingly its administrative role has been outsourced. In many companies HR's advice on critical issues is limited to an as requested basis driven by operations. HR initiatives must compete with marketing, operations and finance proposals for funding.

Some of the tools we've developed are designed to address these issues. First, our behavioral methodologies enable HR departments to show value. They permit measurement of the cost of performance discrepancies and estimation of the ROI on proposed programs.

The methods we propose for performance improvement and training are designed to demonstrate each skills relevance and value to the enterprise. Work analysis methods enable companies to identify key tasks and focus resources on them.

New thinking
Many analysts are describing how operations work is being commoditized and outsourced. Our techniques do help reduce the complexity of operations to their simplist possible form. From there, employees can focus on new ideas and improvement. By simplifying work and management, we free up time for new thinking.

Our more advanced clients who are managing with teams have introduced operations excellence groups that meet regularly to review the repertoire of tasks performed in their realm and look for ways to improve work. Our strategies enable that work.

If these ideas interest you, you may want to review the white papers and enterprise initiatives listings to the right.

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