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Development focused on your objectives
The kind of experience we work to provide.

Working with us
"What will it be like working with an external developer?" is probably the most important question in the minds of potential clients. “Will it make life easier? Will it produce results?” These questions are important to us, too.

We are performance consultants. Programs we've built are saving tens of millions of dollars, right now. They are touching tens of thousands of individuals around the globe. Performance is important to us.

And, just as important to us is how working with us impacts our clients. Our responsibility is to make programs as effective as possible and make your work easy and stress-free. Here's what you can expect . . .

Painless development
We want to make your experience with every project a pleasure. We enjoy working with people. Our job is to remove uncertainty, confusion, and concern; to lighten your workload; and to demonstrate clear work progress. The better we do these things, the more pleasurable we make the experience of working with us.

Proven work methods
From your first contact with our team, to completion of your project, you'll experience the efficiency of work guided by explicit work methods. Our methods are based on a behavioral model of communication and organizational change that has proven itself in over 25 years of use.

Management scaled to your requirements
Clients come to us with widely varying development requirements. We are careful to provide only as much control, infrastructure, and review as the project requires.

Clients that need only the lightest of structures have been pleased with our sensitivity to the cost and time penalties that can be associated with over-management. For those that require rigorous processes, approvals, tracking and versioning, we offer our Repertoire™ work management processes, SkillForge™ training management software modules and the ability to build customized tracking databases from our off-the-shelf products. The processes themselves have proven their scalability in projects involving a handful to large numbers of developers.

All the necessary skills
Sometimes it is hard to describe what we do because we do so much, both in terms of project types and the types of skills they require. What is important to you is the availability of the precise services you need (see skills).

A clear view of the big picture
While clients initiate most projects in response to specific opportunities or issues, they also rely on us for our ability to diagnose and recommend programs for performance improvement.

We have a strategic vision that shows how all the elements — human resources development, work process improvement, personnel deployment planning, training and knowledge management — can fit together.

On your project execution, seeing the big picture means programs that integrate smoothly and reinforce each other. And if you need help analyzing and solving a problem, you've got support there, too.

Clients have found that our vision and breadth of experience enable us to more effectively help them. Our knowledge of programs, methods, tools and disciplines often reveals ways to produce much greater program impact and more efficiently produce the end result.

One of the most gratifying things we read in our customer surveys is the phrase, “you really listened.” Listening is a formal part of our work procedures. It's also a trait we look for in our developers.

Our approach to business is to find new ways to make it simple and fun. Effective programs are engaging. We work with you to develop the exact program that will make people say, “that's great!”

Our execution is characterized by professionalism and thoroughness in all things — planning, work processes, communications, output and delivery.

Communication of change, facilitation of change
Change management is a universal challenge to all organizations. Careful planning of roll-out and communications make the difference between a strongly supported program and something that sits on the shelf. We help you map out the steps and communications necessary for successful implementation. We find that program success is directly related to how well it is communicated.

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