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Enterprise Safety
Many of our engagements address enterprise safety.

Safety performance management assessment
We look at safety first from an enterprise level. Are the systems in place to establish and set standards for safety programs? By systems we do not mean job positions, but rather specific tasks and work flows that ensure oversight. If your program consists only of job positions, you do not have a system. If systems are in place, do they generate descriptions of, and assign accountability for all the task responsibilities for oversight?

We look at safety from a behavioral perspective. Have all operations been analyzed for tasks that present any safety risk? Have safe procedures been defined for those tasks? Have those procedures been communicated? Are they followed?

These and a select group of pointed questions about safety infrastructure and compliance can tell executives an enormous amount about their exposure.

Software and processes to perform these kinds of assessments is just one of our activities in enterprise safety.

Shaping employee performance
Organizations have many tools available to shape safe behaviors — through procedures, through training programs, through communications programs, through awareness programs. We've helped our clients domestically and internationally with these kinds of safety support materials.

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