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Work Analysis and Process Improvement

Daniel Follette, Inc. provides advice, processes and tools to enable companies to improve work processes and work performance.

Identifying and eliminating performance discrepancies
Getting a clear, judgement-free description of the problem is the first step to any performance improvement. We use behavioral task analysis to define the discrepancy between expected and actual performance. Defining performance discrepancies provides a clear, observable, measurable description of where you want to be and where you are. We've found that most performance discrepancies occur because of the following:
  • incomplete or unclear definition of the work process
  • incomplete communication of the process
  • lack of accountability

ANALYSIS FLOW CHART. Click image for detailed drawing. Analyzing Performance Problems white paper.

Methods and software to define, document, analyse and assign work
It is essential to have a clear picture of the work. For that reason, we've developed methods and software to develop clear descriptions of work tasks and task assignments.

By identifying he explicit work tasks instead of areas of activity, we were able to eliminate an almost 20 percent task overlap for one organization. In that same analysis, we found that almost half of the management job tasks were unassigned.

The links to the right provide information on our philosophy of work analysis, tools we offer and some enterprise operations improvement strategies.

Our goal is to provide a clear picture of a process, so that it can be optimized and effectively communicated. That same clear picture enables companies to assign and track accountability.

Roll-out, training and communications
We find that performance initiatives often fail because either employees are incompletely prepared for their roles or because accountability is not clearly established for the performance of specific tasks. For that reason, a large part of our consulting work is helping develop impactful introductions of new programs, complete training and techniques to increase accountability.

For more information, about communications, click the corresponding links to the right.

Our goal is to create enthusiastic employee acceptance of new programs and continued engagement. Effective roll out and training means employees are competent in performing their tasks.

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