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SkillForge™ procedures development and management
SkillForge Procedures is an, integrated procedures development and management software package designed to reduce the cost and administration of procedures development.

The objective of SkillForge Procedures is to make procedures useful and cost-effective
Procedures are important. Anyone who does not believe in this fact, probably never had the opportunity to work with an effective system. They probably have experienced agonizing review and development processes. Cost, difficulty and limited utility are the reasons most companies have years-old, procedures books sitting on the shelf.
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SkillForge Procedures is designed to break the cycle of work burden, expense and limited benefit that stand in the way of improved performance

SkillForge Procedures is designed to organize and simplify procedure development. SkillForge Procedures procedures development can typically reduce procedures development time and cost by 60%. It can reduce review processes and publication by even more.


SkillForge Procedures does much more than simply log step-by-step instructions
SkillForge Procedures enables users to capture best practices and link explanatory diagrams, pictures, videos, narration and ancillary documentation. It flags safety and environmental concerns and assigns activities risk factors. It lists essential PPE, equipment, tools and supplies, assigns responsibility for each task and stipulates prerequisite tasks.

Click on image to see Acrobat PDF of a sample procedure.

All procedures are consistent in format and contain the same type and depth of information. The result is easy-to-follow, up-to-date, and reliable procedures. SkillForge Procedures input is facilitated by clear menus and tabs that make navigation throughout the system intuitively easy.

SkillForge Procedures provides a consistent platform for procedure developers
Each developer is prompted to enter information of the same breadth and depth. Consequently, each user becomes accustomed to a familiar format with consistent quality and depth of information. And, since our development process relies on the input of the users themselves, team buy-in is readily obtained.

Linked training from existing resources or built with SkillForge
U sers can link existing training courses and resources directly to a procedure. In fact, users can design specific training for any procedure. SkillForge Procedures guides the development of focused training including learning activities, instructor’s handbook, references and glossary along with comprehension tests and competency certification. The result is better training for less money.

Simplifed management
Since SkillForge Procedures is a database rather than a word processing program, users can easily update a procedure and provide all users with instant access to the most current version. Printing manuals is a simple point and click exercise. Select and sort the appropriate procedures for a process, a system or a piece of equipment and SkillForge Procedures assembles and prints the manual instantly. Users can easily generate compliance reports and reference documents, as well. Choose from a variety of standard formats or let us customize a format that meets usersr particular requirements.

Detailed presentations available
Detailed PowerPoint presentations that describe both the process and data flow for the different modules are available free, on CD from Daniel Follette, Inc. (Their size makes presentation on this Web site impractical).

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