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SkillForge™ modules   

SkillForge modules divide development and management of job responsibilities, competencies, procedures and safety into logical groupings:

Work analysis
Increase productivity by focusing employees on the work that really counts and by increasing accountability.

Skill and competency management
Manage competency development, testing and skills verification; and keep employee training and certification records.

Training curriculum development and delivery
Direct curriculum development; manage training facilities and inventory distribution

Procedures development and management
Enable existing operations staff to develop and manage clear, comprehensive procedures.

Safety program assessment
A simpler way to manage safety improvement.

Safety incident tracking
Record and track incidents, individuals and response; calculate experience/incident rates.

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Detailed presentations available
Detailed PowerPoint presentations that describe both the process and data flow for the different modules are available free, on CD from Daniel Follette, Inc. (Their size makes presentation on this Web site impractical).

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