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SkillForge™ work applications   

SkillForge™ is a comprehensive development and knowledge management system
SkillForge has a number of key applications:

  •  Job task analysis, job assignment and accountability
  •  Multi-skilling program design and implementation
  •  Expedited, enterprise-wide training design
  •  Work process redesign
  •  Staff-sizing and allocation decisions
  •  ROI analysis of human resource initiatives
  •  Core competency analysis
  •  Procedures needs assessment

The SkillForge software and development processes utilize cost-saving methods throughout. The system requires no word processing, document formatting or page makeup. Skill guides, training modules and other materials are produced directly from the program. The software has the capability of producing both direct-to-press paper and electronic document output. Publishing is simplified and delivery immediate.

SkillForge processes and software can be customized for each client, to optimize the work environment and address specific program needs.

SkillForge program modules are designed to:

  • capture, categorize and group task and skill information
  • catalog training resources and link relevant sections of each to corresponding skills
  • write and format training activities for skills using linked resources and focused on-the-job training tasks
  • write and link multiple banks of random test items to each skill
  • create, grade and record test results
  • track training, certification and testing results
  • manage training resource inventory and distribution
  • manage complete training facility curriculum and logistics including course and meeting setup and enrollment
  • publish training materials in electronic or print format

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Detailed presentations available
Detailed PowerPoint presentations that describe both the process and data flow for the different modules are available free, on CD from Daniel Follette, Inc. (Their size makes presentation on this Web site impractical).

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