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  Creating value by shaping employee and customer behavior 
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 Shaping customer and employee behavior (services, continued)

Both customer and employee behaviors profoundly impact competitiveness and profitability. This Web site is all about how you can shape them to create value for your company or your part of the enterprise.

Simple, effective tools to reduce costs, increase revenues and reduce program risk
This Web site introduces tools clients have used to discover and develop new opportunities to create value. If you are an executive in operations, human resources or marketing--or work in sales, marketing, communications or training--this Web site is designed to:

  ·  help make your work easier
  ·  increase and demonstrate the value of
     your programs
  ·  greatly diminish program risk
  ·  improve program performance

    About the importance
    of behavior
     > Behavioral Analysis

     > Strategic Repertoire

     > Strategic Resource Allocation™
     > Performance Information

These tools can help you improve work and marketing processes, training and create clearer employee and marketing communications. These tools employ behavioral analysis and provide:
  ·  clear, uncomplicted explanations of performance problems
measurment of the value of proposed solutions
much greater confidence in the effectiveness of proposed programs
clarity that reduces debate or program scrutiny and builds consensus

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