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 Simple, effective tools (services, continued)

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You'll find straightforward information about how simple analytic techniques can increase the value of investments in learning, training and employee development. There are many new (and old) methodologies available to solve performance problems. See ways companies can
  · Identify, develop and verify skills or competencies
  · Align training with corporate strategy
  · Efficiently document and share collective knowledge
  · Implement skill-based pay or multi-skilling
  · Perform behavioral safety audits
  · Rapidly develop self-study and on-the-job training

What is your objective today?
  · Did you see a topic that interested you under the representative tasks listed
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  · You can also look for typical objectives listed by areas of work responsibility.
  · You may also find a general overview of the resources available on this
     Web site useful

If you want to learn more about solving problems with behavioral analysis,
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