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Daniel Follette, Inc. has been at the forefront of thought leadership in performance, knowledge management and training. The following links to white papers and Web pages provide some background in the philosophy and technology that directs our work.

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How strategic personnel development can reduce operations costs
Strategic Repertoire Development™
Behavioral Performance Analysis
Strategic Resource Allocation™

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Design Rationale for Skill-Based Pay
Skill-Based Compensation: Creating Effective Programs
SkillForge™ Performance Information System™: Input/Output
Analyzing Performance Problems

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Design Rationale for Skill-Based Pay 158kb
This paper might also be called, "how to make sure you get value from your program." Tying compensation to skill acquisition is not a magical solution to performance problems. The compensation component is strictly an incentive. Unless you very clearly define and shape the desired behaviors, your are unlikely to see much change.

"Design Rationale" describes the sources of value in these programs and how to make sure you pay attention to them. It features a number of references to other scholarly articles.

Skill-Based Compensation: Creating Effective Programs
317 kb
A brief description of ways to capture the full value and incentive of skill based pay. Making sure your program produces the envisioned results.

Support Systems for Skill-Based Pay™ 227kb
Tying compensation to job skill acquisition sournds like a good idea, and it can be. Companies need to plan for the full range of support it takes. Without well-considered support systems in place, most of the value of the program can leak out, the program can burden the organization with administration costs and actually become a disincentive. The paper details six key support systems:

  • Management analysis and resource commitment
  • Comprehensive, behavioral skill definitions
  • Strategic training curriculum
  • Certification system
  • Programmed implementation and communications
  • Evergreen review

This paper was originally presented to the Seventh Annual International Conference on Work Teams sponsored by the Center for the Study of Work Teams, University of North Texas.

SkillForge™ Performance Information System™: Input/Output 5,000kb
This white paper provides an overview of a proprietary performance information system used to support:

  • enterprise training curriculum design and development
  • skill-based pay program development and management
  • knowledge management programs

The system captures and manages information about work structures, tasks, methods skills and competencies in much the same way that enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) use financial, supply chain and production data.

Analyzing Performance Problems 158kb
This white paper describes a process flow for analyzing and resolving performance problems. It includes a flow chart and emphasizes the importance of measuring the impact of the problem.