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Performance Consulting (continued)

Providing clarity
Clients generally find that the primary source of problems with business processes is lack of clarity or specificity. Incomplete definition and communication of process and an absence of individual task responsibilities and accountabilities are important factors. A lack of clarity is a natural consequence of the way businesses have traditionally described work--as activity and not as outcomes. (For much more information on this topic, see Shaping Performance and related topics in this Web site listed to the right).

Daniel Follette, Inc. has developed work processes and supporting software tools to bring clarity to work processes and performance problems..

Behavioral methods to make work simple and effective
Working with our clients we have developed processes to describe all task responsibilities associated with a business process in observable, measurable terms. The tools include Repertoire™ work processes and SkillForge software.

These tools have found application in a variety of engagements, including:

  •  Skill-based pay and competency programs
  •  Job analysis
  •  Large-scale curriculum development
  •  Intelligent downsizing

Communications skills necessary to program success
How a program is communicated to employees is critical to program acceptance and success. Each participant must be able to recall and perform the tasks for which they are responsible. Shaping communications, training, oversight and feedback is a critical skill set we apply to ensure program success.

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