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Operations Management
The majority of our work has been in support of operations performance for our client companies.

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Keeping operations moving
For people who keep the enterprise moving, practicality is very important. Developers need to weigh the potential benefit of a program against the cost of disruption to work activities. Our goals have been to:

  • keep the work moving
  • make operations smoother
  • reduce turnover and help new workers integrate into their jobs as quickly as possible
  • minimize impact of development, roll out and administration of programs
  • reduce administrative activities

What we offer
The advice and tools we offer are designed to provide a clearer picture of work to:

  • improve work processes
  • allocate work more efficiently
  • improve efficiency and safety
  • increase employee satisfaction

We have developed systems support tools for:

  • skills and competency programs
  • procedures development and management
  • training curriculum development
  • employee communications and program roll-outs

We bring ideas and best practices to organizations through:

  • performance improvement consulting
  • procedures development
  • safety programs
  • employee accountability and performance programs

The way we analyze performance problems is very much in keeping with root cause analyses in safety programs and the focus on measurability that is the core of quality programs.

resources for operations
> Work process
> Procedures
   authoring and
   management tools
> Competencies
> Multi-skilling and
   skill-based pay
> Employee
> Performance
> Safety tools
> Shaping employee

white papers
> How strategic
   development can
   reduce operations

> Design rationale
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