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Successful Global rollout of new fast-lube offering for Shell

Client sources report that rollout of Shell's OILCHANGE+ fast lube offering is going well. Local acceptance was critical to success of this high-profile program for Shell. As of this month, Pakistan, alone was reporting that more than 45 service locations had implemented the program.

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- DFI Arts division announced
- Performance! blog started
- IADC gives approval to Follette-authored,
   web-based well control training for Technomedia

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- Successful global roll-out of Shell's OILCHANGE+
   fast-lube offering
- Creation of global channel sales literature suite for
   Shell Lubricants
- Maintenance processes, metrics and change
   management save over $20 million for
   major waste handler

Recommended investment in comprehensive rollout tools and communications
Daniel Follette assisted Acumen Design with program development and documents for Shell's new OILCHANGE+ offering designed to generate more revenue from service station bays. After a six-month pilot, primarily in Argentina, Acumen and Follette were asked to refine the offering. During that time, Follette interviewed pilot program managers. His findings strongly indicated that success hinged on an extremely clear implementation process, comprehensive tools and effective rollout communications. Shell accepted the recommendations provided through Acumen.

Implementation task model

The tool set and communications package was based on a detailed behavioral implementation task model developed by Follette using the company’s proprietary SkillForge™ software. The model identified the sequence and dependency of tasks; the job titles of country/region and local implementation teams; and the distribution of those tasks. This information enabled the team to sequence the focus and detail of communications to implementation teams and provide the appropriate tools for each step of the implementation process, beginning with the first contact with a retail site manager.

Global product literature suite for channel sales
Working through Acumen Design, with a team leader in Bogota and content providers around the world, Daniel Follette developed a comprehensive literature suite for all channel sales lines of busines.

Shaping distributor presentations
One of the drivers for the program was the fact that fdistributors’ sales representatives frequently know very little about the channels or what motivates customers’ purchases. The literature answered this concern several ways. First, the literature provided basic information about each channel so that the representative would be aware of what drove each channel’s business. Second, the literature was formatted and written so that it provided the structure for an intelligent, effective sales presentation. Third, the literature grouped the elements of the value proposition into packaged programs that addressed specific business drivers.

Maintenance processes, metrics and change management save over $20 million for major waste handler
The economics of maintenance have become increasingly important and Daniel Follette, Inc. has been working closely with some of its clients to save millions of dollars. These projects have a number of components in common: using enterprise strategy--not local practices--to drive maintenance; standard, explicit processes for planning, scheduling and executing maintenance work; metrics for maintenance work processes; regular review of metrics as all levels; compensation tied to metrics; and comprehensive employee training.

If you'd like to read more about any of these projects, select "case studies"from the right-hand menu.

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