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U.S.-Russia Commercial Energy Summit

Daniel Follette, Inc. provided speaker support for one of its overseas clients at the October summit sponsored by Rice University's Baker Institute.

The Russian independent oil company was later featured in an Oil & Gas Journal article describing the niche independents are finding for themselves in the C.I.S.

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- U.S.-Russia Commercial Energy Summit
- Oil & Gas Journal Feature
- Shell Offshore Multi-skilling Training Available

The success of independents has dispelled many misconceptions about production economics, the regulatory environment and infrastructure support in the region.

Oil & Gas Journal Feature
Daniel Follette, Inc. provides thought leadership on new strategies for personnel development in the November 12 issue of Oil & Gas Journal. In "How strategic personnel development can reduce operations costs," Daniel Follette describes what forward-thinking companies have done with personnel development to produce double-digit reductions in operations costs. 

The article leads off a special report, Managing Oil and Gas Companies. The article tells why those companies have taken critical strategic steps to identify and document the core skills required to run the companies. It describes the techniques used to capture that information and the unique training and competency programs that can minimize the cost of developing those strategic competencies. The article presents a roadmap for program development and criteria that management can use to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed and existing programs. 

Access 2000 Versions of SkillForge Software
New Office 2000/XP releases of SkillForge, our software for work analysis, skills assessment, training development and delivery, are now available and being used by clients overseas and in the United States. For more information, go to the software section of this site or email us.

Shell Offshore Multi-skilling Training Available
On a number of occasions, we've received requests for existing skill training and competency materials in petroleum production. (Daniel Follette, Inc. provided the work processes, software and developer teams to create multi-skilling and skill-based pay programs for Shell Offshore, Conoco and other E&P firms.)

Shell Offshore has recently announced that they are making the competency testing and training materials from their Skill Performance-Based Pay program available through their Robert Training Center in Robert, Louisiana. The program is a comprehensive training and testing program that covers 14 skill areas in petroleum production and offshore operations. The program incorporates over 110 modules for self-study and focused hands-on training and covers over 2,000 skills.

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