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DFI Arts is our new offering for emerging singer/songwriters and performers. In the past two years, we've come to see just how broad and deep the roots of musical expression go. There is amazing talent and soul-capturing music waiting to be discovered by broader audiences. We can help make the critical connection between artists and their potential audiences.

Navigating the post-record-label world
Traditional music business models expose them to shameless exploitation is can describe. They are collapsing under their own weight and hubris. Their decine, the development of inexpensive alternatives to mega-studio production and the emergence of social networking tools actually create more opportunity for emerging artists. We can help connect artists with the new tool set that puts them more in control of their art and their opportunity.

Who we work with
Why do you write and perform? Does your music comes from some hard-to-describe, hard to resist urgency? Does your art speak to you and passionately engage audiences? Maybe we can work together. Of course, it's chemistry that matters. And both of us need to feel comfortable in the gut. These decisions aren't math, theyre totally arbitrary and based on feeling. By the way, If you want to be another Britany or a chrome-slick, Nashville clone, you probably want to look elsewhere for help.

No, it's not easy
We're not someone to just hand things over to. Most musicians are trying to get going on a shoestring. We've designed services with that in mind. We focus on focus--getting the most critical tools into your hands; prioritizing what you work on and invest in. You still need to do a lot of the work until we get you where you can afford to hire specialists. Oh, we're not a bank.

Some new work
StevePrice OneSheet for "Less than Perfect Stranger"


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AltCountryForum Review

Every Now and Then: Songs of Townes Van Zandt & Blaze Foley
Our most recent release includes three never-before-recorded Blaze Foley songs co-written with Jon Hogan.
(Thanks to Jason McElweenie for the cover concept.)

Creative tools

Identity and Communications



Every Now and Then: Songs of Townes Van Zandt & Blaze Foley (Jon Hogan)